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Is HubSpot Worth the Cost?

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The chances are you came across HubSpot when Googling for help on a digital marketing issue of sorts, and you landed up on their blog. The HubSpot blog is second to none as a practical guide for digital marketing. Nothing comes close to the breadth of help and knowledge offered by HubSpot's blog. True to their product’s inbound promise, their content leads/nurtures you to arrive at a sign-up or pricing page where you are faced with HubSpot's cost. HubSpot's cost is high relative to its competitors. And for good reason. Being the class leader in marketing software, their

MO Agency Wins HubSpot Impact Award For Integrations Innovation 2021

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What is the HubSpot Integrations Innovation Award? Every quarter HubSpot recognizes a business for creative use of a unique integration build or use of a HubSpot app integration for their client. This quarter, we have been announced as the winner in the EMEA region for our innovative integrations for The Student Hub. How we helped The Student Hub Through API integration we connected HubSpot to their learner management system (LMS). Qualified applicants would then be

HubSpot Reporting Made Simple

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HubSpot reporting allows you to follow the end-to-end experience of your customers. A full-stack HubSpot portal keeps everything in one place and thus reporting can be compiled from all data without consulting external sources or dreaded spreadsheets. HubSpot does daily reporting super well. In fact, it does it so well that most of our clients refer to HubSpot on a daily basis, and only dig into other reporting platforms like Google Analytics on a monthly basis. Why HubSpot Reporting works so well But first, let’s outline why instantly available and accurate

How to use Gravity Forms and HubSpot

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Gravity forms is the best WordPress forms plugin. When we combine Gravity Forms and HubSpot we get some great results. Below are some of the use cases. Popup with a HubSpot form HubSpot popup forms are great but you can't trigger them with a button click. Gravity forms has a native integration into HubSpot. Check it out here. Install the Gravity forms plugin on your WordPress website. Follow the integration instructions to sync HubSpot and Gravity Forms. Contacts and forms will sync

How to switch to HubSpot successfully

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As businesses scale, so does the demand for more capable and comprehensive tools. Often the legacy tools businesses used in the early stages to get started and start growing, don’t have the advanced functionality needed to take the business to the next level. You’ve decided HubSpot is the logical next step to take your business to the next level. It is, however, important to know before you start: What data can migrate? How long will it take? What is the investment? (Time, money, people) Do you have the resources to do it in-house or does it

7 Essential Tips for HubSpot Success

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I love HubSpot. It's helped me grow my business. Want proof? Since we started using HubSpot, my business has become larger and more profitable. In fact, we have to be cautious about how many clients we take on because so many want to work with us, and we can't service them all. The data proves this. The graph below shows our ever-increasing sales revenue since implementing HubSpot in January 2017. Sure, we grew before - but growth was slower and less predictable. What's great is that our overheads haven't increased at the same rate as our growth. This means

What is a Certified HubSpot Partner?

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The process of migrating and even more so, getting started with a CRM platform is a daunting task - especially for a platform as robust as HubSpot. That's where a HubSpot Partner such as MO Agency steps in to lighten the load and get your business using the platform to its full potential in no time. Most businesses are looking for effective ways to gain and retain customers. Hubspot provides just that – and HubSpot has made a massive effort to attract and retain the best HubSpot partners. What is a HubSpot partner agency? A HubSpot

List: The 40 Most Used HubSpot Integrations

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The dream CRM is one that does it all and speaks to the tools your business requires. HubSpot is great in this regard as it has many native integrations with other software and if not available directly, can be integrated through the likes of Zapier and their handy API. "Should you move to HubSpot CRM?" It's a question we get asked regularly, with one of the main considerations being whether HubSpot integrates with the tools you are using in your business. With each department using their own apps and tools, HubSpot has

How to set up HubSpot Sales Hub for your Sales Team

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So, you’ve just registered for HubSpot — either a free or paid plan — and now you need to get it up and running. It's not an easy task, and it can feel overwhelming at first. This handy guide will take you through the HubSpot CRM setup process so that you and your sales team can start using HubSpot CRM effectively, without delay. What’s in this guide: How to set up a HubSpot CRM? General setup Deals Importing data Reporting Remember: HubSpot CRM comes in a number of formats ranging from free CRM to £98/€110
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