Why you need Inbound Marketing if you're a Technology Partner Reseller

Written by
Matthew Nortje

Let’s be honest, no matter if you’re just integrating ERP systems or developing your own SaaS IP, you have serious competition at every turn. Whether it’s competition from new products; or from another reseller in the same partner network; staying relevant, top of mind, and differentiating yourself can be a difficult task. 

So how do you stand out in such a competitive market? Most Partner Resellers find their leads through networking events and social gatherings by sending out sales teams to mingle and well, “sell”. This approach definitely does work, but it’s not going to bring in hundreds of leads, and more often than not, a Partner Reseller is chosen because there is an existing relationship with the client.

How many quality leads are coming from your marketing efforts?

You might have your own marketing department or it might just be one person. You probably have a website and post on social media a few times a week, but let’s be honest, how many qualified leads are coming from your marketing efforts, and are you effectively nurturing those leads with enough content to actually close multiple sales? Probably not.

But it’s not your fault. The way consumers buy products and services has changed. More often than not the consumer knows exactly what they want and has done their own research beforehand, meaning that your traditional sales and marketing tactics no longer work. So what is the best way to make that new sale? One word, educate.

Educate first, sell second.

You might find that your customers don’t even know the value of a product or service such as yours. Or maybe they do know what they're looking for but they are searching for a partner that understands not only their business but current trends and the overall market as well.

This is where Inbound Marketing comes in. Inbound Marketing aims to educate and provide value to consumers in the form of specially designed content that is optimised for search engines that have clear call-to-actions to get customers to come to you.

Attract, engage, delight.

Carefully built landing pages and forms will give you all the information you need by enticing the reader to fill out their details with a valuable content asset such as an E-book or infographic. This will enable you to know exactly who engages with you, what they want, and how interested they are in your services.

Inbound Marketing will get you more quality leads, help you to better qualify those leads, and ultimately close more deals.

Not only will Inbound Marketing help you to find new customers, but it will also help you in finding teaming partners and potential merger and acquisition partners as well.


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