How does video enhance your digital strategy and buyer journey?

Written by
Jaco van der Watt

78% of people watch videos online every week and 55% of people watch videos online every day. These are powerful stats! So, how are you going to make this work for your business?


How can your business benefit from using video in your digital and online strategy?

Well, it’s a fine science. It’s all about using your video in the right place, at the right stage of your user journey to connect to the right people.

What is a buyer’s journey?

The buyer’s journey refers to the process or journey any of your clients go through leading up to a purchase or a conversion online. There are specific stages in this user journey that are key to convincing a potential client or consumer to convert.

The buyer’s journey is made up of three stages or processes - the awareness, consideration and decision process.

Within each of these three stages there are multiple opportunities to connect with your clients and achieve a higher engagement level which lead to more conversions and build up better brand exposure and brand trust. What will video do for your overall marketing strategy?

Using video in your digital marketing can increase conversion rates up to 65%, which is why we are seeing an increase of video use in social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Video can also be included in landing pages, online profile videos and product demo videos.

But why is video so successful?

It creates a story. It’s fun to watch and takes a client on a journey through your brand that words cannot express.

What are the goals of Video Marketing?

Goal 1
Through the use of video, the goal is to answer as many client questions as possible and educate potential buyers if they are experiencing any problems or have any reservations.  These videos normally start with a ‘Are you experiencing…’ or ‘Are you paying too much on…’type of script.

Goal 2
Another successful outcome thanks to the use of video marketing is that it can help people research. Instead of your clients having to browse countless websites, you can answer their questions by providing them with all the information and answers in an engaging video. Through the use of video, you can educate them about your brand, but also on what they need to consider and what it will take to convert them. For example, a script that leads with ‘In three steps, we can…’

What should my video include?

Your video should educate a customer about your brand, provide valuable information and insight to the customer and sway them to convert in their decision-making process. Your video should prove that your brand is an industry leader and why potential customers should trust you. These videos should not only be about the product or the brand, but should also focus on the problem, the solution and the larger vision you are trying to achieve. As is the rule of content marketing, and video is a form of this, what you are showing the customer, needs to add value.

At Markets Online, we LOVE producing videos, and do so for a huge range of clients. Check out our work on Behance.

If you’d like to find out more about video marketing and how it can transform your business online, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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