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Top 3 WordPress Form Plugins To Help You Manage Your Leads

Ramon | January 25 2016

But no, generally you get a website developed for your company in hopes that it will generate leads for your business. Since everything is moving towards, and connected to the World Wide Web, having a website gives your company the chance to dip its toes in the endless pool of leads, or in simpler terms, clients.

One way of doing that is to take your users on a well-constructed virtual adventure to the pot of gold which is your website’s contact/enquiry form.

Here follows my top 3 form plugin suggestions which are easy to use and can be set up in a matter of minutes:

1. Ninja Forms

Firstly, Ninja Forms isn’t in the top 3 because it has “Ninja” in the name (even though it’s a valid reason to put anything in any top 3 list). This form plugin is actually tied in second place with Contact Form 7 in my opinion (see top 2 below). It’s free to use and uses a simple drag and drop interface to make your life easier in order to create awesome forms for your website.

This plugin has a ton of extra features that will help you manage all the leads submitted via the forms you created. It’s very user friendly so even your grandparents will be able to use it without asking you questions every 5 seconds.

There are paid options for Ninja Forms which offer extra support and add-ons, but the free version will do just fine for basic leads tracking.

Ninja Forms has a whopping 4.7 out of 5 stars on the Plugin Directory rating system.

To read more on the amazing features Ninja Forms has to offer just follow the link below:

2. Contact Forms

Contact Form 7 is a completely free WordPress plugin (if you really feel like being a good person you have the option to make a donation on their website). Contact Form 7 supports Ajax submitting, CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering and so much more. Unfortunately Contact Form 7 doesn’t have a drag and drop interface, it uses actual code to build the form, which in the beginning might be a bit overwhelming but easy to get the hang of.

Currently Contact Form 7 supports over 50 languages, which means more leads from more countries.

Contact Form 7 has a 4.6 out of 5 stars on the Plugin Directory rating system.

To read more on the amazing features Contact Form 7 has to offer just follow the link below:

3. Gravity Forms

We’ve arrived at the big daddy, the one that rules them all, the fearless leader… Gravity Forms. This plugin is not free, it’s a premium plugin which you can buy from the fairly low price of $39. Now that may seem like a lot, but you pay for quality, and at the end of the day quality attracts more users/leads for your business.

Gravity Forms also works with a drag and drop interface. It’s very user friendly with tons of simple and advanced fields that you can use in your forms. With all the functionality Gravity Forms offer, you can basically create a form exactly to your needs. You have full control of the look and feel of your forms (what a time to be alive).

Gravity Forms also offers a bunch of add-ons which you can integrate with your forms; from MailChimp, to Paypal, to Coupons. Gravity Forms and its third party services covers it all.

Need support? Gravity Forms has multiple channels for you to find an answer to your problem; FAQ’s, Forums, and even Support tickets.

To read more on the amazing features Gravity Forms has to offer just follow the link below:

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