3 Tips and Formats for Your Next Marketing Video

Written by
Jaco van der Watt

Firstly, how easy is it to share video content online?

Super easy right? And you see them all the time.

This is important.

Video speaks to us through a powerful, multi-sensory language, allowing us to connect far more efficiently.

But not all videos are created equally and not every video style will suit your brand.

So we drew up a list of basic video formats that you can use for your marketing:


1. Animated videos

Simplify complex themes and consolidate them in the minds’ of your market by supporting statistics with visual representations and conceptual ideas with entertaining graphics.

Catchy for all audiences, no matter what the demographics - animated marketing videos come in various forms like: explainer videos; demo videos; or educational videos.

Remember, brands that win are brands that care - so convey this mentality with helpful communication.

2. Interview videos

We love hearing things straight from the horse’s mouth, which is why interview videos can be so captivating. They’re trustworthy and insightful.

Clear and comprehensive planning is key to the success of an interview video. Do research, ask the right questions and enhance the content with captions and a professional ‘top and tail’


3. Mixed videos

Why not get the best of both by combining an interview style video with animations supporting the intellectual content?

Pro tips:

  1. Leave enough background space around/to-the-side of the interviewee so that there’s room for animations like graphs depicting the content.
  2. Record in high resolution so that interesting zoom/cut effects can be applied later.
  3. Embrace the active voice and employ punchy copywriting techniques to be used in the script and/or captions.

For example:

Before: “If you put these techniques into use, you may…”

After: When you put these techniques into use, you’re going to…”

Much better.

For more advice, please look out for the rest of our video series including video marketing how-to guides .
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Feel free to contact us directly because we’d love to know more about your brand and chat with you about your video strategy.


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