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Digital Marketing

How to create Call-to-Actions (CTAs) that convert

What is a Call-to-Action (CTA)? Simply put, a CTA is a piece of content intended to prompt a person to perform a specific act. This might be to register for an event, download a PDF, or subscribe to a newsletter. CTAs normally take shape in the form of a "DOWNLOAD NOW" button, or a

Written by
Matthew Nortje


HubSpot and Microsoft Dynamics Integrate to Create a Seamless Sales and Marketing Experience

By integrating Microsoft Dynamics with HubSpot, you can easily automate quality lead delivery to your sales team by providing them with qualified leads directly into your Microsoft Dynamics CRM. You will be able to help your marketing team to improve ROI by providing them with clear visibility of

Written by
Matthew Nortje


What Does a CRM System Actually do?

What is CRM? Often shortened to CRM, Customer Relationship Management is the heart of any business. CRM isn’t just a tool to help you be more productive at sales, it’s an application used to help you serve your customers better. We’re guessing that if you’re reading this

Written by
Matthew Nortje

Digital Marketing

4 Ways to Nurture and Engage Leads Through Inbound Marketing

1. Content marketing Content is indeed king, and it's the cornerstone of any successful inbound marketing campaign. Beautifully designed and well written content does so much more than just arm your sales team with collateral to sell with. Well produced and informative

Written by
Matthew Nortje


INBOUND 2019 - A Recap

Build a modern and frictionless customer experience Companies need to be asking themselves, "how can we implement self-service?" How can we make the buyer's journey for prospects as easy as possible? INBOUND is THE flagship global event for

Written by
Matthew Nortje

Digital Marketing

Why you need Inbound Marketing if you're a Technology Partner Reseller

Let’s be honest, no matter if you’re just integrating ERP systems or developing your own SaaS IP, you have serious competition at every turn. Whether it’s competition from new products; or from another reseller in the same partner network; staying relevant, top of mind, and differentiating yourself can be a

Written by
Matthew Nortje

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